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Join the Band

The goal of the Fort Saskatchewan Community Band is to sound good, have fun, be challenged and learn as a band.

The band performs music for the community at the highest level (approximately grade 3-5 music level).

The Fort Saskatchewan Community Band welcomes new members of ages 16 and up who have experience playing their instrument (even if they may be a little rusty) and can read music.

As we are an adult band, any members under the age of 18 are required to have a parental consent form completed.

New members may be asked to meet with our conductor (Dr. Guy Palmer) and a member of the executive to discuss their music experience, and may be asked to play a piece to ensure that their skills align with the bands level.

The band plays music that is within its members ability to ensure that the audience has an entertaining experience. The band also challenges the abilities of its members by trying more difficult music which may or may not be played at public performances.

Interested in joining the band?
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